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Monfort student, recent UCS grad share their children's book to inspire future authors
Monfort student, recent UCS grad share their children's book to inspire future authors
Posted on 12/06/2019
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There is a new children’s book on the gift lists of many local families this year.

The book is called
The Unicorn with No Horn, and it was written by Katie Khaznehkatbi and illustrated by Lauren Vermeulen.

The reason is creating local excitement is that the published children’s book is the result of a school project involving Khaznehkatbi, of Monfort Elementary, and Vermeulen, who is now a graduate of Eisenhower High School.

“I am so very excited about finally being able to do this,” said Khaznehkatbi.

The project started two years ago when Khaznehkatbi was a kindergarten student and Vermeulen was at Eisenhower High School. Her art teacher, Josephine Braun, approached her about the collaborative project with an elementary student and offered her a few choices from students to illustrate.

“Katie wrote the book and then my teacher showed me a couple of stories, and I chose Katie’s. It stood out to me a lot,” Vermeulen said.

The book tells the story of Rose, a unicorn who was born without a horn. While Rose (who Katie said is about seven years old) was initially sad, she is later proud of being different after her friend stands up to her to other unicorns.

“The message is to always be kind to other people,” Khaznehkatbi said.

The author and illustrator recently reunited to talk to Monfort Elementary students about their book, how it was created and the message behind the story.

Vermeulen and Khaznehkatbi did not know each other before the school project brought them together.

The story was written in a day, according to Khaznehkatbi. The illustration took a bit longer – about two years once all of the designs and redesigns were ready for publication

Drawings take a lot of time, especially if you want to make a good book out of it,” Vermeulen said. “And I really wanted to make a good book for Katie.”

Vermeulen is current at the Center for Creative Studies on her way to becoming an illustrator.

The book is available on Amazon at this link.

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